Green Product Certification

For twenty years, the Green Clean Institute has stood for the best standards for Green and Healthy buildings.  Part of the program is review and certification of Green products.  The Green Clean Institute does not sell products and has not biased poistion other than Green, sustainable, and healthy solutions in the cleaning industry.  The process for Green product certification is straightforward and usually accomplished in less than 60 days instead of two years like other certifications.

Green product certification starts with a review of advertised claims.  Because we stands against the prevalent trend of hype, inflated claims, and advertising license; the Green Clean Institute has adopted a "Truth in Advertising" segment that considers the advertised claims versus the proven values of the product or service. 

This is the initial part of the Green product certification is followed by a review of all supportive research, lab work, and material review.  As an independent, third-party ceritifier, the GCI Green Product certification is a credible Green credential that helps the value of any product.  The public does not have the time or capacity to evaluate the Green and sustainable claims of multiple products.  When advertising enjoys the license to exaggerate the benefits and downplay the negative issues, the ability to take a critical review by an non-interested party is valuable.

Every Green cleaning service should be routinely upgrading their products.  This is an evolving concept that means that the ability to rely on independent and fair review programs is more than helpful.  

The Green Clean Institute provide two incredibly important services.  One is training of your staff by our online video courses.  The second is the ongoing review of Green products.  These two areas seem to the the fundamental cornerstones of any Green cleaning service.  And, the Green Clean Institute makes these process simple, affordable, and very helpful.

The Green Clean Institute is presently starting a series on "What is Green and Sustainable Cleaning".  This is because these important topics are getting lost and misdirected in the shuffle.  As companies roll out their own version of cleaning products, they need to formulate a unique formula that can be patented.  The pressure to reinvent a product means that we are constantly getting a new challenge every day.  

GCI has opened the door for any Green product or service to get a fair review and certification of good and Green products.

Green Product Certification