Janitorial Website SEO

Janitorial SEO for Google Page OneGCI now offers help to push your website to Google Page One for your area.  This is not a simple task, and it does take consistent efforts for several months, but if your website is not Google Page One, your website is essentially invisible to potential customers.  So, we decided to offer some better options for the over-worker owners and managers.

PAGE ONE DIRECTORY: GCI will list your website on www.BestJanitorialDirectory that also boosts your website value. (Free Listing)

TEN LISTINGS AND ARTICLES:  Put more oars in the water by allowing our staff to create ten articles and links for your website:  $199

OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE:  Let our experts evaluate the SEO needs of your website.  Pass the report to your programmer.  (Very important)  $100

ONE-YEAR PAGE RANK CAMPAIGN:  Google Page One is not a one month effort, but a year-long effort that raises your webiste it page one. $250 per month

THE EVERYTHING PACKAGE:  $500 per Month.  Guaranteed to achieve Google Page One for three keyword phrases