Bio Safe Spaces

Bio Safe Spaces

City: Carson

Certificate Status: GCI Certified

Certifications: 2

About Us:

Give consumers, patients and employees confidence that your premises are really SAFE and CLEAN!

 If your consumers, patients and employees don't trust your business is clean and safe, will they go elsewhere?

​Our clients enrolled in our SAFE & CLEAN Verification Program receive website icon and location decals to place in window and on desks/checkouts to let consumers and patients know you have VERIFIED your business is safe and clean.  Being NM Safe Certified is not enough. Our Assessments PROVE you are truly safe and clean, and gives onsite accurate and immediate results.  The information and resources we share can not be found online or over the counter.

bioSAFEspaces is the ONLY  Independent 3rd Party  ATP Testing and Biosafety Assessment firm in New Mexico.  
(We are the FIRST to provide ATP Testing to businesses in New Mexico!)

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