Check the Janitor Closet for the Green Truth

Green Cleaning ServiceDo you really want to know if your cleaning service is even "Marginally Green"?  Well, try to find the janitor closet where the cleaning service stores its equipment and cleaning products.  Cleaning service do not expect anyone to visit or examine this semi-hidden area.  There are a couple of revealing items you may find in that area that either debunks or supports the Green merit of your cleaning service.  After all, a Green building is a healthier building; and this affects your health and the health of all workers.

Here is a list of things to look for:

  1. Mops:  Are they old, smelly string mops or modern microfiber mop?  The same for dust mops.
  2. Bowl cleaning:  Is it an acid type product with a high pH?
  3. Entry mats.  Are there entry floormat outside and inside the entry doors, and are they faithfully cleaned?
  4. Paper goods:  Are they made of recylced or partially recycled paper?
  5. Window cleaner:  Are they non-ammonia products?
  6. Floor stripper is often very high in VOC (harsh offgassing) or is it a Green product?
  7. Vacuums: Are they HEPA vacuums or standard vacuums?
  8. Cleaning cloths:  Are they microfiber or standard cloths rags?
  9. Do the cleaning products carry a Green certification?
  10. Are there fragrance sprays that are chemical based instead of essential oil

That is a few of the standard issues that goes into a Green cleaning program.  Had your service been a GCI Green certified firm, they would have staff and workers trained and certified on such matters, and they would be implementing the Green protocols aleady.  If not, pick up the phone and demand that the cleaning service do more than Green Hype on their website and advertising.  A GCI Green certified firm uses trained and certified workers and can deliver a verified GCI Green Cleaned Building program to your building.